Winter is a great time to start or continue a healthy foot care regime. You may want your feet to look good in sandals for winter holidays or get your feet neat for a festive treat!

I have a range of products available to purchase on reception including the Comfosan Shoe Hygeine System.

Features and Benefits:

- Earn extra revenue for your clinic
- Removes bacteria, viruses and fungi
- Eliminates bad odours
- Prevents foot and nail diseases
- Citrus-fresh smelling shoes
- Skin Kind and Dermatologically Tested
- For all closed shoes

The Comfosan Hygieniser Starter Kit contains a pair of reusable inserts and 15ml hygienising drops. Approx. 20 applications.
recommended application:
Use daily for intense wear or at least once a week.

How it works:The hygiene inserts (made of high-tech textiles) are sprayed 3 times with the hygienising drops, and then pushed into the shoes.

Leave insert in overnight (around 8 hours) The inserts seal the interior and create a dense concentration of antimicrobial vapours with the evaporating hygiene essence, making the shoe fragrant fresh and germ-free.

Remove insert before wearing shoes.



Book in for treatment

Each foot treatment session with me includes the removal of any callus including the heel region, corns are removed, nails trimmed and filed and then the foot is smoothed and moisturised leaving it looking good not just feeling good.

Fungal infections may have damaged the toe nail causing it to crumble and not resemble a good healthy nail at all. Why not consider the use of temporary nail reconstruction to keep your feet looking good as your nail grows. 


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