Unwind, relax and reduced your anxiety levels using deep relaxation techniques, positive motivations & hypnotherapy

40 minute classes - every week for 6 weeks - £75

With all the turmoil around us at the moment – climate catastrophe, cost of living crisis, political change, war in Ukraine and the fall-out from 2 years of covid – in addition to the stresses of our everyday lives – it’s no wonder that many of us are feeling anxious, exhausted, powerless, confused and bewildered…

This course is designed to enhance Emotional Wellbeing and Relaxation – a still-point in your week, a chance to calm and ground yourself, relax deeply and incorporate hypnotherapy techniques to nurture positivity:

• Positive Thoughts
• Positive Actions
• Positive Interactions

The next block of 6 weekly sessions (Tuesdays at 6pm), will be held in our studio and starts on Tues 21st February. Please contact Jo directly to book and pay for your place on this course, or to register your interest in future courses (which may be at a different day/time depending on demand!).

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