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What is Osteopathy?

Osteopathy is a modern healthcare profession that is evidence-based and widely recommended. Treatment combines two of the oldest forms of medicine known to man….massage and manipulation.

Our hands-on techniques stretch and decongest the soft tissues, increase circulation and improve joint mobility, helping to reduce pain and stiffness.  Improved biomechanics enhances overall health and vitality creating an environment in which the body has a real chance to heal.

Treatment comprises a combination of soft tissue massage, joint mobilisation and manipulation, as appropriate to the patient. Other modalities such as ultrasound, dry needling techniques and taping may be included, and treatment for BPPV (Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo). Osteopathy can give rapid and effective symptom relief in new, acute presentations and is useful for the management of more longstanding problems, related to habitual postural patterns, injury or activity related strains.

  •  Click here for further information about Osteopathy.


Osteopathy - adjunctive treatments

As an osteopathic patient, you may be offered other types of treatment within your session.  No extra charges are incurred for these additional services.

  • Click here for further information about Dry Needling. (with Perry, Anthea, Mel, Rob)
  • Click here to find out more about Myofascial Taping. (with Perry, Anthea, Mel, Rob, Carol)
  • Click here for information regarding Ultrasound Treatment (with Perry, Anthea, Mel, Rob, Carol)
  • Click here for gait analysis (with Carol)
  • Click here for an explanation of BPPV and the Epley Manoeuvre (with Jo only)

PLEASE NOTE: Patients attending for the Epley Manoeuvre should be accompanied to their appointment and should not attempt to drive themselves or others for the rest of the day.

Osteopathy FAQ's

Click here to find the answers to questions patients frequently ask about Osteopathy and Osteopathic treatment.

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Our team of osteopaths between them offer many, many appointments each week, and we can usually arrange an appointment within just a couple of working days. Click on a practitioner to see their availability. If you are wishing to see an osteopath here at the Practice for the first time, please contact our reception team by phone or email to arrange an appointment. Follow-up appointments for returning patients can be booked online - click on the picture of the osteopath you'd like to see.

CLINIC SESSIONS - we don't all work every day!
Perry - Mon, Wed, Fri & one Sat morning in four
Anthea - Mon, Thurs, Fri - Sat, only to cover holidays/sickness
Mel - Tues, Wed, Thurs, Fri & every other Sat morning
Rob - Tues, Wed, Thurs & one Sat morning in four
Carol - Monday, Wednesday
Jo - Tues, & Fri morning

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