Using Herbs for Health

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Benefits Of Herbal Treatments

Plants (or “herbs”) containing active phytochemicals have been used for centuries to mobilise natural healing processes and restore balance to poorly functioning areas of health. Phytotherapy identifies and combines these powerful, yet natural, healing properties into a bespoke medicine for the individual patient to address specific conditions and to optimise general health. When applied in this way, herbs can be used to help patients of all ages and with most medical conditions, either alone or to supplement medicines prescribed by your Doctor.

During an unhurried and comprehensive first consultation, the wider aspects of your health are fully considered in addition to the specific condition or ailment. This will also take into account any conventional medication you may be taking, your diet and lifestyle, upon which advice is given.

How Does Herbal Treatment Work?

Conventional medical diagnosis is used and physical examination is carried out as necessary, such as checking blood pressure, listening to your lungs, looking at any visible manifestation of your condition, such as the skin etc. Testing for Food Intolerance can be performed if indicated.

Following this consultation, a carefully formulated and balanced herbal medicine is prescribed that has been uniquely prepared according to your own specific needs. This diagnosis and treatment is aimed at the root cause of health problems and is so much more than symptomatic relief. Your medicine is truly bespoke; even with a similar health problem, no two people are the same therefore no two prescriptions are exactly the same.

Treatment is generally in the form of a liquid medicine (tincture) that is conveniently taken with a small amount of water. Herbal tablets, creams, lotions, shampoos, teas and syrups may also be prescribed as required. Follow up consultations allow for progress to be carefully monitored and are generally booked for 4 weeks later, depending on individual requirements.

Herbal medicine is generally compatible with conventional medicine although it is important that any current prescriptions are taken into account by a qualified Herbalist.

What conditions can be helped by Herbal Medicine?

Herbal medicine can be used for babies, children, adultts and the elderly and for most medical conditions including:

  • Digestive problems
  • Hormonal imbalances, periods and menopause
  • Heart, circulation and blood pressure
  • Cholesterol
  • Joints & arthritis
  • Nervous system, anxiety, low mood & sleep disturbance
  • Allergies & intolerances
  • Skin complaints
  • Children’s problems
  • Respiratory conditions
  • Recurrent infections
  • General well being
  • Urinary problems
  • Catarrh

Food Intolerance Testing

The ‘Food Detective Test’ measures IgG antibody response to foods – a true test of Food Intolerance.

The presence of IgG antibodies (part of your immune system) may be linked to inflammatory conditions in the body, manifesting in a range of health issues.

A finger-prick blood sample is diluted and added to a reaction tray spotted with food protein extracts of 59 different foods. In subsequent steps the use of detector and developer solutions identifies the presence of food antibodies through the appearance of one or more blue spots on the tray. Once identified, the trigger foods can be eliminated from your diet.

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