I don’t play sports, can I still have a sports massage

It is not just the sports person that can benefit from massage; everyone experiences aches and pains in life, from sporting injuries to occupational & emotional stresses. Massage is a natural therapy involving a range of techniques in order to relieve tension, increase blood circulation, break down scar tissue, & enhance recovery. Therefore, if you are not a sportsperson, there is no reason why you can’t receive the benefits of sport & remedial massage

 How often should I have Sports/Remedial Massage?

This depends on each individual and their reasons for massage. Sports/Remedial massage can be received as often as you like, this is provided you are not suffering from any condition for which massage is contra-indicated. People often find a weekly massage helps to control their stress levels, while others find that a maintenance treatment every few weeks or even monthly works well.

 What should I wear?

There is no set dress code for massage. Usually, you will be asked to remove clothing from the area being treated (except for underwear). Males may prefer to wear shorts and females may feel more comfortable in bikini style underwear. Towels are used throughout the session to keep you warm and comfortable.