In the coming weeks, we have a lot of exciting things happening within the practice! 


Wednesday 9th November - Love Your Guts

In a talk lead by our Nutritional Therapist - Louise Cunliffe, you will be discussing the lifestyle adjustments, diet changes and supplements that can be taken to improve your intestinal health!

The way in which what you eat nourishes you is not only down to the foods themselves, but how well your digestion functions - breaking down the foods and absorbing the nutrients through the gut wall and properly 'into' the body.

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Monday 14th November - Natural Approach to Menopause

Three of our practitioners will be taking this session to help you understand the changes that occur in the female body during the menopause. Discussing some of the natural approaches that can aid symptoms and support you through this time.

Jo Ridd - Registered Clinical Psychotherapist & Hypnotherapist

Jo will talk about what happens in the brain during the peri-menopause and menopause, how it impacts us and how hypnotherapy can help - in particular with symptoms such as anxiety, depression, anger/ irritability, panic attacks, insomnia, weight gain, confidence, concentration/ performance, chronic pain, migraines, hot flashes and IBS.

Ginny Kemp - Registered Western Medical Herbalist

Ginny will talk about hormonal changes around the menopause and how bespoke herbal medicine can help to ease symptoms such as hot flushes, poor sleep and mood changes to optimize well being and smooth the menopausal transition.

Louise Cunliffe - Nutritional Therapist & Homeopath

Louise will discuss how eating the right foods and taking tailored supplements can support the endocrine, nervous and digestive systems through the menopausal transition. Nutrition can help with just about everything related to menopause; low mood/energy, hot flushes, vaginal dryness, and the condition of your skin, hair and nails.

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Tuesday 15th November - Emotional Wellbeing & Relaxation Class

This block of 6 weekly sessions lead by our Hypnotherapist Jo Ridd is set out to help you unwind, relax and reduce your anxiety levels using deep relaxation techniques, positive motivations & hypnotherapy.

The course is designed to enhance Emotional Wellbeing and Relaxation – a still-point in your week, a chance to calm and ground yourself, relax deeply and incorporate hypnotherapy techniques to nurture positivity:

• Positive Thoughts
• Positive Actions
• Positive Interactions

The next block of 6 sessions, all 40 minutes each, will be starting on Tuesday 15th November at 6pm.

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Monday 5th December - Osteoscan Clinic

Nick Birch, a Consultant Spinal Specialist, and Orthopaedic Consultant with over 30 years bone health experience, will be attending the practice on Monday 5th December (2023 dates: 20th Feb, 5th June, 9th October)

During your appointment, you will receive:

• Two scans (lumbar vertebrae and hip)

 Instant on-screen results and diagnosis

 Pre- and post-scan advice and guidance

The scans use new radiation-free technology, using REMS (Radiofrequency Echographic Multi-Spectrometry). This is painless and faster, safer and more accurate and provides earlier diagnosis than the DEXA scans (from the NHS)

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