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Please be aware of our Cancellation Policy which applies to all appointments. 

Visiting Consultants

The practice hosts visiting consultants who use our venue as a base from which to offer their services to patients in the locale.  These practitioners organise their own appointments and handle their own fees - operating their businesses entirely separately from the Practice as a whole.  Please go to their website for further information.

Skin Camouflage and Scar Management

Vanessa J Davies MEWI, MFHT, LCGI 

Skin Camouflage Services Ltd based at 10 Harley Street offer a national private camouflage service for people of all ages who wish to conceal scarring, skin conditions and discolouration and colour differences on their face and body. This service offers a vital boost for patients of all ages who are looking for a short term or long-term solution to help regain their confidence and self-esteem.